What is SA8000 Certification (Social Accountability)?

sa8000 Certification

What is SA8000 Certification?

The SA8000 Certification is a management system standard that urges an association to create, apply and keep up socially worthy practices at your working environment. The very valuable tools is applied word wide as a standard for estimating social compliances and checks responsibility at the working environment.

The advantages of implementing SA8000 Certification:

The SA8000 certification  ensures that the laborers are getting a reasonable arrangement at the work environment; it demonstrates straightforward strategic approaches that at last increment the validity and moral estimations of an organization.

  • This is the most way to achieve best practices in ethical employment, operations and trading.
  • When a organization uses the most widely acceptable managing human-rights standards, it creates a framework of a socially accountable organization.
  • It engages & motivates employees’ resolve to work in a superior way.
  • Leads towards a clean and straightforward business environment that builds a strong positive picture in the eyes of customers, stakeholders and business colleagues.

How would you begin to implement SA8000 Certification? What is included?

Subsequent to tending to worry towards the representatives and their workplace, it is important to indicate the execution of The SA8000 Certification.

  • The ISO Certification are the world’s first auditable social certification measures that image your working environment as the conventional and the most moral one.
  • Set a working promise to guarantee the effectively usage of SA8000 clauses.
  • Set the goals and appropriately compose the documentation to exhibit your solid responsibility.
  • Communicate with your workers and train them to improve the execution, it assumes a major job in taking your business the top.

Why look certification to SA8000 Certification?

The mission of SA8000 Certification is to set up human rights of laborers around the association. It urges supervisors to roll out reasonable fundamental improvements to maintain their business and move the administration past an agenda approach. The Certification is a proof that your business is worker benevolent that give a sheltered, secure and ensured condition at the work environment.

The SA8000 certification  takes the business to the new level, makes the brand notoriety and opens the entryways of both household and worldwide market. Support better inventory network the executives, upgrade execution, improve worker’s enrollment and lift up the efficiency. Subsequently, it produces open familiarity with organizations’ responsibility moving in the direction of representatives’ welfare and toward the end; all results lead the organization to the higher position.

SA8000 Certification Audit Process:

The implementation of SA8000 clauses  makes your business productive as well as keeps the association from the potential deformities. It helps in inside just as outside administration of the element and gives the confirmation of error free tasks. The expert SA8000 Certification spread the wide region of the review preparing in the substance.

Why choose AGQR certification for your audit?

Being an outsider appraisal body, The AGQR get to a wide scope of assembling and administration organizations all through the India. The organization’s valuing structure and receptive personality result into simplicity of SA8000 certification. The organization’s accentuation is immovably set on common sense.

What is the cost of Audit to SA8000 Certification?

The expense of the review of SA8000 Certification relies on the size, area, procedure and intricacy of the activity. The AGQR has planned a direction value list that manages the size and nature of the organization. Necessities of the Audit to SA8000 certifications  are constrained however they all are must to do and consent to.

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SA8000 Certification :Benefits for workers

SA8000 certification, SA8000 certification
SA8000 Certification

SA8000 Certification manufacturing facilities unquestionably appreciate an upper hand in getting the access in the worldwide through making better corporate picture .However there are different reasons additionally for why SA8000 Certification is getting expanding prominence at global level. Advantages of actualizing SA8000 Certification are as per the following:

Benefits for workers & trade unions:

  • Enhanced chances to arrange worker’s guild s and deal aggregately.
  • A device to instruct laborers about center labour right.
  • Less shot of mishaps, better workplace prompts working of trust between laborers and the management.
  • Increased solidness of the occupations to the workers.

Advantages for the business:

  • Enhanced organization and brand reputation through adherence to this standard.
  • Advantage in promoting the item all around, particularly in Europe and America who are progressively acquiring the items from socially mindful providers and makers.
  • Improved staff assurance and formation of an increasingly dedicated work power.
  • Greater representative maintenance and less truancy.
  • Better association with the associations and other partner.
  • Increased profitability because of representative’s dedication and responsibility.
  • Increased profitability prompts less extra time hours, lower overhead costs& lower creation costs per piece.

Development of the SA8000 Certification

SA8000 was initially created as a social standard in 1997-98 by the US non-administrative association Social Accountability International (SAI) with an end goal to improve working conditions far and wide. The standard depends on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights just as suggestions by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and various ISO standards characterized by the ISO 9001 Certification for quality management systems(QMS).

So as to guarantee organizations follow their duties to social duty, SA8000 calls for execution of a comparing the executives framework, which organizations may willfully choose to certify.

Do you have different inquiries on our SA8000 certification? Download our FAQs for nothing.

How to obtain an SA8000 certification

  1. Praudit (optional)
  2. Self assessment (Social Fingerprint)
  3. Certification-audit
  4. Issuing the certificate
  5. Surveillance-audits
  6. Recertification

Why you select SIS Certification

SIS Certifications are providing administration System Certification (For ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 22000, ISO 27001 certification and OHSAS 18001 Certification, SA8000 rtc). We are administration association, “based on the Top” tier reasoning which has helped us to accomplish a fortunate notoriety for administration perfection inside the enlistment network. We gives sound judgment and down to earth way to deal with the management system certification. Our enlistment procedure is easy to understand. Through accreditation process, we guarantee that the worth added appraisal to customer, to see the outcome at each stage, with the goal that the customer can produce upgrades in the current administration framework on a continuous premise.

SIS Certifications Pvt Ltd is an Independent association, established in year 2000, India. SIS Cert Organization is overseen by exceptionally committed and experienced experts. We have develop validity of Management System Certification, outsider examination and preparing among the clients all through its whole scope of its exercises (Management System Certification, Training and Third Party Inspection).

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SA8000 Certification

SA8000 certification is an international certification standard that encourages organisations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace.

It was made in 1989 by Social Accountability International (SAI), an affiliate of the Council on Economic Priorities, and is seen as the most all around acknowledged globally  standard. It very well may be connected to any organization, of any size, around the world.

SA8000 certification tends to issues including constrained and tyke work, word related wellbeing and security, opportunity of affiliation and aggregate bartering, segregation, disciplinary works on, working hours, remuneration, and the management systems.

Just as setting working environment standards around the world, SA8000 certification additionally grasps existing worldwide understandings, including shows from the International Labor Organization, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Adopting SA8000 certification means an association must consider the social effect of their activities notwithstanding the conditions under which their representatives, accomplices and providers work. It tends to be connected to any organization, of any size, around the world. Ensuring your association against SA8000 certification with a SIS Certifications audit  will enable you to create and improve social responsibility over your activities. Working with our accomplished evaluators to execute the most universally acknowledged working environment standard shows social responsibility when offering for contracts and extending your association.


  • Proves your commitment to social accountability and to treating your employees ethically and in compliance with global standards
  • Improves the management and performance of your supply chain
  • Allows you to ensure compliance with global standards and reduce the risk of negligence, public exposure and possible litigation
  • Supports your corporate vision and build and reinforce the loyalty of your employees, customers and stakeholders
  • Enables you to demonstrate proper social accountability when bidding for international contracts or expanding locally to accommodate new business
  • Proves your duty to social responsibility and to treating your representatives morally and in consistence with worldwide gauges
  • Improves the administration and execution of your store network
  • Allows you to guarantee consistence with worldwide benchmarks and diminish the danger of carelessness, open presentation and conceivable case
  • Supports your corporate vision and manufacture and fortify the steadfastness of your representatives, clients and partners
  • Enables you to show legitimate social responsibility when offering for universal contracts or growing locally to oblige new business

Joining forces with SIS CERT. to accomplish certification prompts better performing procedures, expanding skilful ability, predictable and consistent inventory chains and progressively reasonable client connections, conveying productive upper hand.

Exhibit your association’s promise to social responsibility by collaborating with SIS Certifications pvt. Ltd. to accomplish SA8000 certification .

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