How can ISO 22000 Certification be beneficial for your organization: Major advantages of ISO 22000 Certification!

benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification has been built to strengthen the FMS (Food Management System). The standard accommodates the needful procedures for safe production to distribution of food and food products. ISO 22000 Certification is viable for all the organizations irrespective of their size. The industries dealing with food and food products need to be conscious in providing safe and hygienic products. ISO 22000 Certification inculcates the GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) in your management system. Also it includes all the norms of HACCP.

ISO 22000 Certification can prove to be very constructive and fruitful in carrying effective food management system. The organizations accomplishing ISO 22000 Certification can showcase their concern on delivering quality. Once any organization get ISO 22000 Certified, it will clearly mean that they have adopted an internationally running management system. Establishment of this standard can also help to lay out the capacity to avoid hazardous components during the production of food.

Acquiring ISO 22000 Certification can benefit the association in numerous ways. The regulatory norms presented in ISO 22000 Certification eventually directs you to regularly monitor the system. In case of any non-conformities, you can make possible changes to dissolve them and run efficient management system.

ISO 22000 Certification can be adopted by:

  • Producers of food products
  • Food manufacturers
  • Transporters of raw food items
  • Transporters of finished food products
  • Manufactures of food producing equipment
  • Retailers and wholesalers of food products
  • Organizations dealing with packaging of food and food products
  • Any organization dealing with food chain

Major advantages of ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification primarily ensures the food safety. Implementation of FSMS constructs a positive image which ultimately helps in growth of your business.  Henceforth certifying your organization with the regulatory norms of ISO 22000 Certification can bring you numerous fringe benefits, namely:

  • Perpetual growth of the business
  • Efficiently running management system
  • Boost in productivity and profitability
  • Reduces the chances of uprising risks
  • Provides an edge among the competitors
  • Showcases your capability on producing quality and safe products
  • Includes the component of HACCP
  • Effectiveness in documentation and implementation of the procedures
  • Reduces the chances of food borne diseases
  • Helps to meet the legal compliance
  • Assists in regular monitoring of the running system
  • Widens your potential in producing safe and hygienic food
  • Directs you to apply CCP (Critical Control Point)

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Why Organization Interested in ISO 22000 Certification ?

ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification is a Food Safety Management System that can be applied to any association in the food industry.

Planned by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) it applies a Quality Management System way to deal with food safety.

ISO is a worldwide Certification that is comprised of different national norms bodies. Together with its individuals and both government and non-legislative worldwide associations, ISO has built up the global standard for food safety. Since food safety occurrences can occur at any phase of the food business production network – fabricating, shipping or selling – it’s fundamental to have a viable food handling plan set up.

The ISO 22000 Certification layout precisely what should be in a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). This is to ensure that nourishment is remained careful during the whole nourishment production network, until when the food is eaten. The measures are comprised of these key parts:

  • System management
  • Interactive communication
  • Prerequisite programs
  • HACCP principles

ISO Certification has listed the following requirements for a Food Safety Management System:

  • To plan, execute, work, keep up and update a Food Safety Management System that is planned for giving items that are protected to the buyer.
  • To consent to the fundamental statutory and administrative sanitation prerequisites.
  • To assess and evaluate the requirements of clients and show that it acclimates with the commonly settled upon client needs identifying with sanitation, which intends to improve consumer loyalty.
  • To adequately convey sanitation issues to their providers, clients and important invested individuals all through the food supply network.
  • To ensure that the association consents to its expressed food safety arrangement and adequately shows this.
  • To seek certification or registration of its Food Safety Management System by an external organisation, or make a self-assessment or self-declaration of conformity to ISO 22000:2005.
  • To look for certification or enrollment of its Food Safety Management System by an outer association, or make a self-evaluation or self-statement of adjustment to ISO 22000 Certification.

Why Do Need of ISO 22000 Certification?

Every day all around the globe food is produced, moved, sold and consumed. This implies there’s constantly a danger of sullying and other food safety perils. The ISO 22000 Certification expect to bring down the danger of bacterial pollution and subsequently the danger of illness all through the whole nourishment inventory network process.

ISO 22000 Certification provides organizations with an exhaustive structure for a Food Safety Management System identified with sanitation. An association can buy diverse ISO 22000 bundles relying upon their individual necessities.

Associations affirmed in ISO 22000 Certification can show to their clients that they have a Food Safety Management System set up. Having an ISO 22000 Certification can help make clients have a sense of safety in the security of a business’ item; an inexorably significant issue for the two organizations and purchasers.

Universal food safety standard guidelines are constantly audited in order to stay applicable to the present food handling industry. The following update of the ISO food safety standard is relied upon to be in 2017.

How Does ISO 22000 Certification Work?

ISO 22000 Certification covers the whole food industry supply-chain – from farm to plate and outlines the relevant procedures required to meet the various food safety standards.

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