What is ISO 27001 Certification? Why does organization need it?

ISO 27001 Certification is international ISO standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS).
The statutory norms of ISO 27001 standard guides the organization to follow a hazard-based approach from top to bottom to analyze the processes. We can thereby say that  ISO standard works as a tool for managing and monitoring hazard to the information/data possessed by the organization.

The specified methodology of ISO 27001 Certification puts forward the imperative require for protecting most-valuable information from breaches and cyber-threats.

Using ISO 27001 Certification

Organization has to formulate and implement each the administrative norm (present in ISO standard) in their system to comply with ISO 27001 standard. This will support to exhibit that your organization follows international process for security-controls and other forms of hazard management which can be risk avoidance or hazard

-transfer, to address the problems present.

As we have already read that the ISO 27001 directs to follow hazard based approach. This can be gainful in anticipating hazard and constructing proactivity in the system.

Why does organization need ISO 27001 Certification?

It is comprehensively major to regulate safe-trade of information/data from one source to another without interruptions & breaches. ISO 27001 Certification critically addresses the issue of virtual-threats and support  the organizations to control and reduce them. ISMS Certification support to maintain the uprightness and privacy of your information. The structured framework of ISO 27001 expand the cyber-attack-resilience.

The digital, intellectual property, paper-based, organization’s secrecy and other secret/personal information can be secured by Information Security Management System. So organization get certified with ISO 27001 certification to securitize information and reduce-risks.

How much duration does it takes to achieve certified with ISO 27001?

To achieve certified with ISO 27001 Certification organization has to first-implement all the process in their system and complete the process of require documentation.
Typically, the time- taken to obtain ISO certification depends upon factors like number of employees in organization, number of working shifts, complexity of organization, type of industry-organization deals with etc. All the given factors calculate the required man-days which finally give the total time.

How to Apply for ISO 27001 Certification (ISMS): – .

SIS Certifications is a popular  ISO certification body consisting of highly skilled professionals. SIS Certifications operates across a diverse range of commercial and industrial  business sectors. Our clients are equally-diverse and they include single-site operators to multi site, multinational companies across the globe. SIS Certification offers Management system certification:  ISO 9001 , ISO 45001, ISO 37001, ISO 22000, ISO 21001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 Certification, CE mark and many others .

SIS Certification offer their service in UAE (Dubai), Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, , Afghanistan, Germany, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, London, Brazil, France, Morocco, Demark, USA (Florida, Mexico, Miami, Washington DC and all US) and other countries.  

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The Barakah Nuclear power plant in UAE becomes the first such station in the Arabian Peninsula. It is set out to produce 5600 megawatts power for more than half a million households in UAE, without generating any carbon, thus, preventing the release of 21 million tonnes of emission every year. This is equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 350 million trees over ten years.

What are the risks associated with Nuclear power plant?

  • Generation of Nuclear waste, which can remain radioactive for many years.
  • It increases the likelihood of nuclear weapon proliferation. A High level of corruption aids in that.
  • There is a huge risk in terms of national security. These facilities are prone to terrorist attacks, thereby, making the entire population vulnerable.
  • Human errors and natural disasters can cause accidents, which adversely affects the health and life of the entire population for many years.

How can ISO certification help?

There are various ISO certifications that can be applied to Nuclear power plant in order to ensure that it is safe both for the environment as well as the population in and around it. Let us see some of the major ISO standard that can be applied to this industry:

ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management System)

This ensures that the requirements of Quality Management System (QMS) are in place, in order to maintain world-class quality on projects and manufactured products. ISO 9001 Certification is applicable for small and big size of organization.

ISO 14001 Certification (Environmental Management System )

This ensures that the nuclear power plant is fulfilling its responsibilities towards the environment by implementing Environmental Management System (EMS). ISO 14001 Certification is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective Environmental Management System.

ISO 45001 Certification ( Occupational Health & Safety Management System )

ISO 45001 Certification is replacement of OHSAS 18001. People working in the nuclear power plants are always at the risk of exposure to radioactive substances. Hence maintaining an occupational health and safety management systems (OHSMS) is utmost important. So ISO 45001 Certification is suitable for worker heath and safety on work place.

ISO 50001 Certification ( Energy Management Systems )

This provides a framework for implementing energy management systems (EnMS). This helps the organizations in managing their energy usage, thereby, reducing greenhouse gas effects as well as their energy costs.

ISO 19443 Certification

It is the specific requirement for the application of Quality Management System provided in ISO 9001 by the organizations that are involved in the supply chain of nuclear energy sector.

ISO 37001 Certification ( Anti-Bribery Management System )

It lays down various process controls to detect, address, and prevent bribery either for personal gains or for the gains in business activities. An Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) helps in preventing corruption, thereby, preventing the cases of nuclear proliferation.

It is worth noting that ISO does not issue any certificate. The certifications are performed by an external body. SIS Certifications is one of the best certification bodies which is accredited by IAS and IOAS. Our pool of experienced auditors aims to comprehensively assess your compliance to the set norms, and certify on the basis of adherence to the set standards.

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How ISO 27001 Certifications helps to protect your information?

What are benefits of an ISO 45001 Certification in a Organization?

ISO 45001 Certification

What is ISO 45001 Certification?

ISO 45001 Certification is the globally recognized standard demonstrating Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS). This standard improves the OH&SMS execution in management of damages and risks control of health and security. In addition ISO 45001 Certification has the capacity to direct the organizations to follow proactive measures, the anticipated risks and over them.

 ISO 45001 Certification empowers the OH&SMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). This standards focuses on the alleviation the chances of risk and ensures that proper adoptive measure for the safety of contractual workers and employees. ISO 45001 Certification can be acquired by any kind, type or size of organization.

There are numerous dangers and risks which workers and employees might face on regular basis. ISO 45001 Certification accommodating Occupational Health and Management System, is all about smooth execution and implementation of administrative and procedural norms related to ensure the safety of the employees and workers. To run a smoothly operational services, it is predominant to carry out and achieve occupational health and safety management system.

Advantages of ISO 45001 Certification to your organization

ISO 45001 Certification has the capacity. To strengthen the occupational health and safety management system in your organization. The extensive growth is only possible if the workers and employees work safely. Hereby there are some advantages of getting ISO 45001 Certification in your system:

  • Reduce the work environment inadvertent dangers
  • secure working conditions
  • adopt globally accepted norms
  • decrease the scope of protection premiums
  • fall off in non-appearance and representative turnover rates
  • Improves your capacity to oversee administrative consistence
  • Constructs a strong positive image in the eyes of customers
  • Reduces on-job accidents
  • Builds the tendency to anticipate risk
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enriches occupational health measures

Necessary requirements for acquiring ISO 45001 Certification

The organizations need to fulfil some requirements to accomplish the certification. These are some prerequisites of ISO 45001 Certification-

  • Leadership
  • Improvement
  • Operation
  • Support
  • Planning
  • Risk Reduction
  • Performance-evaluation
  • Performance-review

Why ISO 45001 Certification is important or your organization?

The main reason to implement an ISO 45001 Certification (OHSMS) is because it has tendency to manage the hazards and risks that might lead to serious injury at your workplace. Henceforth it is imperative that your organization must adopt some proactive approach accommodate a safety. ISO 45001 Certification can bring efficiency to your association. To construct and retain a positive image in the eyes of customers and stakeholder, ISO 45001 Certification is accomplished. In a nutshell ISO 45001 Certification will serve you with the corrective measures ensuring proper safety.