Why should you implement ISO 14001:2015 Certification (EMS) in your organization?

The benefits of implementing ISO 14001 Certification are undeniable. Let’s look at some of those benefits… Read more Click here – https://bit.ly/3ddhi9b

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What are benefits of achieving ISO 37001 in organization?

ISO 37001 serves as a tool for supporting and constructing transparency. The standard initiates to successively curb the corrupt practice and formulate effective system. Read more Click on this link – https://bit.ly/3wtl45V

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Once you have built and executed the requirements of ISO 22000 certification in your FSMS, you may perform an internal audit of your system. Read more Click here – https://bit.ly/2U84KJN

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Bribery is one of the evils that causes organizations big losses- both tangible and intangible. The tangible losses include the loss in finances of the organization, whereas intangible losses amount to the image of the organization. This loss of image causes the loss of confidence among all the associated parties.
Thus, it is compulsory for the organizations to implement a system in place that can check the events of bribery and secure the reputation of your organization.

The organizations have been subjected to administrative and criminal responsibilities since the advent of new crime system and the law of administrative responsibilities. This made the organizations liable to administrative and criminal penalties for the act of corruption. The organizations might end up paying lot of fines or getting dissolved if it is found guilty of corruption. Thus, maintaining an anti-bribery management system shields the organization during any such event.


ISO 37001 helps the organizations in building and executing an anti-bribery management system. ISO 37001 provide a list of measures that support in detecting, preventing or dealing with any event related to bribery practices. The ABMS also inculcates a culture of ethical practices inside the organization.

ISO 37001 Certification is applicable to any organization irrespective of its size or sector. The ABMS in an organization assures the owners, employees, suppliers, and partners about the relevant controls in order to maintain anti-bribery practices. Although ISO 37001 Certification is not a total cure against bribery, but its implementation support in effective identification of the event of corruption.

ISO 37001 Certification assists your organization in detecting bribery or corruption in a timely manner and implementing appropriate practices to prevent bribery. It also requires the documentation of all the steps taken so that your organization becomes more accountable and transparent.


There are several advantages of ISO 37001 Certification for an organization:

  • ISO 37001 allocates and monitors the implementation of resources available to combat risks.
  • It has information on who, what and how the resources allocated to this item were spent, and also provides the results of the expenses generated.
  • It modernizes the process for consenting to government services.
  • Due to the documented evidence, it supports the organization during the event of legal investigation to prove its compliance.
  • It supports in obtaining the internationally endorsed certification for Anti-Bribery Management.
  • It promotes integrity and transparency inside the organization. It defines the roles and responsibilities of managers and workers by making them aware of the risks associated with corruption.
  • It incorporates new technologies to facilitate the services.
  • Improves the distribution of products or services.
  • It promotes the reporting behavior of the citizens against corruption.
  • It facilitates the participation of citizens.
  • It puts in place; protection measures for whistle-blowers.
  • It enables the organization to implement and improve the controls to prevent bribery or corruption.
  • It promotes continual improvement of your management system by promoting its evaluation periodically.
  • It supports in reducing the liability costs.
  • ISO 37001 incorporates the legislative requirements of the government into the system.

It must be noted that ISO just publishes the standard requirements, the certification against those standards is performed by an external ISO certification body. SIS Certifications is one such body. Our integrity is our pride and meeting the deadlines is our commitment. Once you have built and implemented your ABMS, you can contact us for the ISO 37001 certification. After filling up the ABMS forms and reviewing all the requirements, you should proceed further for the audit. The team of our expert auditors will comprehensively assess the compliance of your management systems, notify you about the gaps, if any, and award certification at the end of successful completion of the audit.

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Today more than ever, news of corruption scandals spreads fast and can prove devastating for companies – even the hint of bribery can seriously damage your reputation. ISO 37001 Certification acts as an effective tool to help organisations combat the risk of bribery and maintain customer trust in their product and service offerings. Your stakeholders can be assured that your organisation has implemented internationally recognised best practices for anti-bribery controls, and they can have confidence in the integrity of your internal processes.


The confidentiality, integrity and availability(CIA) of the information or data , with a framework for their protection from unauthorized access, is termed as information security. For Detail Click – https://bit.ly/2Rjkhp5

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What are the benefits of acquiring ISO Certification in USA?

The value adding certification has the tendency to empower the functioning system of an organization. ISO Certification in Texas, USA can also Support to structure the system of organizations. Read more Click here – https://bit.ly/34j6phc

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ISO 9001 Certification

What are the purpose of the ISO 27001 certification in organization?

Read the given paragraph and What are the purpose of the ISO 27001 certification in organization. Read more click URl – https://bit.ly/2SBDmTH

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What is cost of ISO 22000 Certification (FSMS)?

However, with SIS Certifications, you can be ensured about the value for your money, as we strive to deliver a smooth certification experience that meets the set deadlines. By focusing more on building risk management system and less on complex paper-work, we aspire to save you from unnecessary hassles.

The cost varies due to several factors, such as the type of business sector, your annual turnover, the number of employees, and so on. Know more – https://bit.ly/3agTRuY

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