Why should an organization implement ISo 14001 Certification?


ISO Certification demonstrates the need for EMS (Environment Management System). the accomplishment of ISO 14001 certification can benefit an organization in a number of ways. Some of the key advantages of  ISO 14001 Certification are- 

  1. Revamps your image and credibility

ISO 14001 Certification refines your picture and builds brand image. The customers, distributors, suppliers are much interested to know if you are aware about the environment or not. Following the process and norms for production without disturbing the environment shows a positive image of your firm and hence will build the trust and faith in the eyes of customers. To ISO 14001 Certification will assists to fabricate a positive market value. 

2) Assist you to comply with the legal requirements

The major advantage of ISO 14001 Certification is to serve you the framework for identifying, monitoring and complying environmental norms in your process. Every organization follows the legal norms but this certification can help you implement the legal as well as other procedures related to the environment management system. ISO 14001 will help you inculcate the legalities as well as other self- responsible regulations.

3) Improvement in cost control

Every organization expects reduced costs but you might be wondering how we can reduce the cost with an environmental management system. When ISO 14001 Standard gets implemented in your organization, you can easily identify, anticipate and protect environment related incidents. This helps to reduce the cost investment in the same. Also you tend to conserve the energy which enhances the cost reduction.

4) Higher rate of success when implementing changes

When you are trying to make the improvements outlined above, it is important to ensure you are working smoothly with the normative procedures which is the basic element of the ISO 14001 standard. When you put these improvement activities in the correct place, you can intensify the chances of being successful in tracking the improvement through good data collection.This can save further time and money.

5) Rapid improvement in functioning

ISO 14001 Certification works on continuous improvement to intensify the production and bring profits to the organization. The less your organization is impactful to the environment, the better will your public image be.  

6) Reduce employee turnover

As just stated, employees interested in company improvements are their biggest assets. If you give a choice between working for a company that shows is responsible about the environment and its sustainability and one who is not, most people will prefer the first one. Engaging employees in a group effort to reduce the company’s environmental footprint will often have an increased employee focus and retention retaining the employees is both easier and cost effective than hiring a new employee. So, every penny spent on retaining employees is worth more than training or recruiting new employees. 

Henceforth the primary reason to implement ISO 14001 for the environmental management system is to put an effort to save the environment from any kind of degradation. It will further help to minimize the negative impact on the environment. The ISO 14001 Certification can help in long term benefits. 

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