How to know which organization are ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 Certification

You have a significant project to develop, and you have to procure some outside accomplice, e.g., a SaaS organization, to make it as far as possible. You’ve decided data security to be one of the top-need criteria that ought to be satisfied when choosing which seller to choose for your screening procedure.

For this situation, one of your prerequisites may be affirmation with the main data security standard ISO 27001 Certification, yet how would you know whether the organization on the opposite side of the procedure is really ISO 27001 Certification?

Request the ISO certification from the vendor

Most organizations that are certified will promote this on their site and in their item/administration documentation. This data alone isn’t sufficient, however. You have to check a couple of fundamental elements of this affirmation, so the initial step is to demand this certification from the seller.

Essential information on the certificate

Each ISO certification body has its own design and organization of the authentications they issue, however there are two or three key snippets of data on each declaration. I picked the request beneath not founded on how it is considered the authentications, however on how much time and exertion it will take to check. All things considered, there is no motivation to check each perspective just to discover the authentication terminated quite a while prior.

Relevance and usage

Presently you realize the key angles to keep an eye on a declaration, yet what is the significance of this data, and how might you use it to guarantee legitimacy?

  1. The first point is self-evident, yet I would not like to preclude this progression. Your necessity is ISO 27001 Certification, so guarantee that you received an ISO 27001 certificate. It could happen that the filename incidentally contains ISO 27001 Certification, in spite of the fact that the substance is for an alternate ISO scheme.
  2. The termination date, or “legitimate between” date, shows to what extent the Certification is substantial. In the event that this date is terminated, it unmistakably raises a banner and ought to be checked before proceeding to put time in your verification
  3. The organization name and, particularly, the location, are a key part to check. Certification is area explicit and doesn’t have any significant bearing to different areas of the merchant. At the point when a seller moves the testament, it isn’t naturally legitimate for the new area. Do confirm that the administrations or items your organization will get are conveyed by, or made at, that particular location.
  4. Every certificate contains the extent of the ISMS. Confirm if the reported extension covers your necessities, i.e., that the administrations or items conveyed by the seller are inside the scope of the ISMS.
  5. Now that you have verified that the ISMS and certification are inside desires, you ought to check the declaration with the ISO certification On the site of the ISO certification body, you can for the most part locate an online instrument or a rundown with all gave certificates.
  6. Use the certificate number to look through utilizing the instrument/site of the ISO certification body (see past step).
  7. After you verified the testament was for sure given by the ISO certification body, and it is as yet dynamic, you should check if the ISO certification body is certify by an ISO certification The certification body is recorded on the testament. Each nation has its own certification body and keeps up a rundown with authorize certification bodies (we will result in these present circumstances in the following area).
  8. Now that you’ve verified the testament is given by a accredited ISO certification body, and that every other viewpoint were additionally all together, you may have rethought your rundown of sellers as of now. Be that as it may, the last check may be the most significant one: surveying the SoA (Statement of Applicability). This record will give you which of the 114 security controls in ISO 27001 Certification Annex An, and perhaps extra controls, are chosen (relevant) and how they are actualized. At this stage you will have the option to completely discover if the seller is lined up with your security prerequisites. For more data on the significance of the SoA,

Accredited ISO certification body

How do you ensure that your certificate is issued by an accredited certification body?

  1. The “International Accreditation Forum” (IAF) maintains a list of all international accreditation bodies that are members of the IAF. This list can be found here: IAF Member List.
  2. From there, you can choose the applicable-country to then see a list of all ISO accreditation bodies.
  3. The accreditation body listed on the certificate should be listed here as well; go to the listed website.
  4. Every accreditation body has a list of certification bodies; the “hardest” part is to look for the correct section on the website of your choice. So, your next step is to go to the list of certification bodies.
  5. Look for and select the ISO certification body in scope.

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